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Reiki with Angels III

This event is a workshop that combines two spiritual healing modalities, Reiki and working with the angelic realm, to create the practice called Reiki with Angels.  Workshop activities include the level III attunement (that will allow you to act as a conduit for the attunement of others), practice attunements, healing with the Reiki Master symbols and discussion about workshop teaching styles. 

Time: 12 contact hours; 2 Day Workshop
Schedule: Saturday & Sunday; 10am - 1pm (lunch break) 2pm - 5pm
Cost: $900.00 per student
Prerequisite: RWA II and the Instructor's Permission

Requirement to become a Certified RWA Teacher: successful completion of the workshop and submitting 15 additional full session records to Ellen Mahloy

Suggested Reading:
The Spirit of Reiki by Lubeck, Petter, Rand and Grimm
Reiki and the Healing Buddha by Maureen J. Kelly
Reiki The Ultimate Guide by Steve Murray

Workshop Outline:
  • Introduction and Overview
  • Review Reiki with Angels I & II
  • Receive Master Attunement
  • Healing with Master Symbols
  • Exchange Sessions
  • Learn Attunement Technique
  • Give Attunement 1 (student to student)
  • Skills of an Effective RWA Teacher
  • Setting the Tone of the Class
  • Give Attunement (student to volunteer)
  • Lead volunteers in practice RWA sessions