About Reiki with Angels

My name is Ellen Mahloy and I founded this healing modality in 2004.  The short version of my story is that I began to feel peculiar during a Reiki Level II class and arrived home to discover I was able to see dead people.  Shortly thereafter, I began seeing angels in response to my call for help in dealing with the dead people.  Gradually, angels began communicating with me and it took me about a year to come to terms with being a psychic angel communicator. 

As you might imagine, working with angels permeated all areas of my life including my Reiki sessions (which I was only doing with friends and family at that time).  In March 2004, I completed Dr. Doreen Virtue's Angel Therapy Practitioner® certification course and received guidance to come out of the spiritual closet and offer Reiki sessions and angel workshops.
Upon opening my practice, I referred to the sessions I offered as simply Reiki.  A few clients familiar with Reiki, began referring to sessions with me as "Ellen's Reiki".  I coined the term "Reiki with Angels" to more accurately reflect the type of sessions I offered.  I transitioned from private practitioner to public speaker and workshop leader in 2005.

If you feel guided toward Reiki with Angels, please ask God and your angels for a sign indicating which practitioner or teacher would be best for you to work with.