RWA Modality FAQ

Modality Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How is Reiki with Angels different from other forms of Reiki Therapy?
A: Many Reiki teachers address receiving angelic assistance.  Some teachers cover the concept of working with angles in detail and others do not.  The RWA workshops cover 50% Usui Reiki and 50% angelic healing techniques.  Our focus is less upon following a format with hand positions and more about following Divine guidance.  The RWA attunement process - the sacred ceremony to activate the ability to act as a conduit for healing energy - was received from Archangel Raphael.

Q: Why would someone study Reiki with Angels vs. another form of Reiki?
A: The only reason to study any healing modality is because you resonate with it.  Reiki with Angels is a spiritual healing modality.  Ellen recommends anyone considering studying RWA contemplate the choice in prayer or meditation.  Ellen is a big believer in asking God for a sign.

Q: I heard that Reiki with Angels is stronger/faster/better/higher vibration than other forms of Reiki?  Is it true?
A: No, it is not.  All Reiki systems work with the same Divine healing energy.  All people have and can connect with guardian angels.  The difference between one school and another is the teaching style and curriculum, and the intention and degree of Divine surrender of the instructor.

Q: There are other Reiki schools teaching Reiki Therapy and working with angels.  How do I decide which system to study?

A: You study the system that calls to you, the system that resonates with you.  If you cannot sense which system is ideal for you, ask God for a sign and wait until you receive it.

Q: I've met many people practicing this modality.  Is it a multi-level marketing business?
A: No, it is not.  Neither the practitioners nor teachers give part of their income to Ellen Mahloy.  Retaining the right to practice or teach the modality is determined by adhering to the RWA Ethical Standards of Practice and keeping up with changes via re-certification.

Q: How may levels does Reiki with Angels have?
A: Reiki with Angels has 3 levels.  RWA I is for personal development and self healing.  RWA II is for people who wish to practice professionally.  RWA III is the Master-Teacher course - for those who deeply resonate with the modality and feel guided to teach it.

The minimum amount of time to complete this course of study and become certified is 32 contact (classroom) hours and 25 hours of practice sessions. 
 RWA I  
 12 contact hours
 18 contact hours
 10 practice hours for certification
 12 contact hours
 15 practice hours for certification

Q: What are the requirements of a Reiki with Angels Practitioner?
A: Certified RWA Practitioners successfully complete the RWA II workshop, agree to abide by the RWA Ethical Standards of Practice, and complete 10 full RWA sessions that are documented and submitted to Ellen Mahloy.  Practitioners re-certify every 4 years to retain the right to practice the modality.

Q: What are the requirements of a Reiki with Angels Teacher?
A: Certified RWA Teachers successfully complete the RWA III workshop and complete another 15 full RWA sessions that are documented and submitted to Ellen Mahloy.  Teachers re-certify annually to retain the right to teach the modality.

Q: What if I feel guided to teach Reiki with Angels, but I have never taught a class?

A: All the RWA Master-Teachers teach workshop leadership.