About Reiki with Angels

Hello There! My name is Ellen Mahloy and I founded the RWA healing modality in 2004 in Richmond, Virginia because my Usui Reiki practice began to incorporate guidance and healing techniques from Archangel Raphael. 

Although I never intended to create a modality, the guidance I received caused my Reiki sessions to become increasingly more unique, until they were so different that other Reiki practitioners noticed and began to called what I did, "Ellen's Reiki".  I coined the term "Reiki with Angels" to more accurately reflect the type of sessions I offered.  

I transitioned from just being a practitioner to become a public speaker and workshop leader in 2005 and the first Reiki with Angels workshop was taught on August 8, 2005 in Richmond, Virginia. 

The short version of my story is on February 23, 2003 I began to feel peculiar during a Reiki Level II class after receiving my attunement (this didn't occur when I took in Reiki Level I) and arrived home to discover I was able to see dead people.  Shortly thereafter, I began seeing angels in response to my call for help in dealing with the dead people.  Gradually, angels began communicating with me and it took me about a year to come to terms with being a psychic angel communicator.  

Working with angels permeated all areas of my life including my Reiki sessions (which I was only doing with friends and family at that time).  Upon opening my practice, I referred to the sessions I offered as simply Reiki and I did not tell people I could see or speak with angels.  However, that didn't last long because people I worked with also began seeing, hearing or feeling angels when I laid hands on them and I was forced to explain that I'm a psychic medium and communicating with angels is my speciality.

My Reiki Master attunement came from Usui Sensi during an unexpected out-of-body experience. It happened when was reading a book about Reiki in my living room. I set the book face down and picked up a notebook and drew the distance healing symbol about 50 times to commit it to memory. When I was done, I picked up the book, turned it face up and when I locked eyes with the photo of Usui Sensi in the book, I was immediately thrust out of my body into what looked like the cosmos where I saw huge faces of Makio Usui, VVV and VVV in front of me. Immediately symbols began flying at me rapidly - which I assumed was some form of communication - and I was back in my body in what seemed like seconds. 

I was surprised and didn't know what to make of the experience, so I told God, "Well, I don't know what to make of that, but if you want me to understand it, you'll have to explain it to me." I receive no reply about it at that time and put it in the back of my mind. It wasn't until my first student asked me to attune her to Reiki that I discovered I had become a Reiki Master during the OBE. 

Tereasa asked me to attune her to my style of Reiki and I told her I couldn't, because I'm not a Reiki Master-Teacher. Archangel Raphael immediately told me that I am. I insisted I was not, then he reminded me of the OBE and stated that I became a Reiki Master during that experience. I said, "Okay, but I still don't know how to attune anyone." He told me he'd instruct me how to do it and I attuned Tereasa - and many others thereafter - using Archangel Raphael's style. In RWA, we have several attunement styles: one-on-one in-person, one-on-one at a distance, and a group attunement - that works either in-person or at a distance.

If you feel guided to receive, or study, Reiki with Angels, please ask God and your angels to indicate which practitioner or teacher would be best for you to work with. 

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