Ethical Standards of Practice

The Reiki with Angels™ healing modality is a business owned and operated by Ellen Mahloy.  Certified RWA practitioners and teachers agree to abide by the following ethical standards of practice in order to retain the right to use the RWA trademarked name, logo and other marketing materials and resources.  Certified RWA practitioners and teachers are not employed by Ellen Mahloy.

RWA practitioners agree to conduct themselves and their practice professionally. 

•    Practitioners agree to act as a conduit for healing energy from our Divine Creator.

•    Practitioners agree to seek Divine guidance in all matters related to RWA.

•    Practitioners agree to maintain client confidentiality within the limits of the law.

•    Practitioners agree to treat clients with the respect, dignity, integrity and compassion.

•    Practitioners agree to practice proper hygiene when conducting sessions.

•    Practitioners agree to practice hands-off reiki when treating the breast or genital areas.

•    Practitioners agree to refer clients to licensed health care providers when appropriate.

•    Practitioners agree to only treat children in the presence of a parent or legal guardian.

•    Practitioners agree to inform clients if practicing another healing modality with RWA.

•    Practitioners agree to follow the RWA record keeping format for sessions.

•    Practitioners agree to obtain and maintain a liability insurance policy.

•    Practitioners agree to obtain and maintain a professional or semi-professional work space.

•    Practitioners agree to continuously attend to their own healing, wellness and well being.

•    Practitioners agree to represent RWA professionally at all times, in any venue or media.

•    Practitioners agree to inform Ellen Mahloy if you stop practicing RWA professionally.

•    Practitioners agree not to diagnose medical or psychological conditions nor prescribe or advise about medication unless they are an appropriately licensed health care provider.

•    Practitioners agree to educate themselves about, and be responsible for adhering to local laws, licenses, requirements, restrictions and taxes regarding their reiki practice/business.

RWA practitioners agree to conduct themselves and their practice ethically. 

•    Respect other practitioners. Divine guidance & sacred agreements eliminates competition.

•    Respect other professionals, practices, systems, schools, etc.  Slander and libel are prohibited.

•    Conducting sessions under the influence of mind-altering substances is prohibited.

•    Conducting sessions while sick or mentally or emotionally unstable is prohibited.

•    Advertise truthfully at all times; exaggerated or deceptive claims are prohibited.

•    Service fees charged must be reasonable.  Financial exploitation is prohibited.

•    Maintain professional boundaries with clients.  Dating clients is prohibited.

•    Sexual conduct or comments toward or with clients is prohibited.

•    Practitioners never guarantee the outcome of sessions.

Teachers agree to abide by the following additional ethical standards of practice.

•    Teachers agree not to discriminate against students, or prospective students, on any basis.

•    Teachers agree to reasonably accommodate students with disabilities or handicaps.

•    Teachers agree to provide a safe, comfortable and appropriate location for classes.

•    Teachers agree to add your live workshop or webinar students to the RWA self paced classes, so every student studying with any teacher worldwide has access to the same body of knowledge. You are welcome to provide your students with additional class material that is unique to your style of teaching.