Ellen Mahloy

Hi There! I'm Ellen Mahloy, the founder of this modality, and a short version of my story is on the About RWA page.  My first encounter with Reiki Therapy was in 2001 when I sought alternative therapies to help heal from a mystery illness (which turned out to be severe gluten intolerance).  In 2003 and 2004, I began to merge my Reiki training with Divine guidance from the angelic realm (Archangel Raphael, specifically).  I taught the first Reiki with Angels workshop August 8, 2005 in Richmond, Virginia. 

Reiki with Angels resonates with me because: Though I have had many amazing experiences of Divine guidance, angels are special to me because they are the first encounter I had with Divine intervention.  I resonate with Reiki Therapy because it is so gracefully simple and profound.  Practicing Reiki with Angels brings me comfort and peace, healing and insight.  It is part of my spiritual path, my journey, my way of being in the world.



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